• My partner and I chose to take our boys to Jungle Junction as we already knew Natalie from another nursery. We have been extremely satisfied and proud of the way the staff have moulded our boys. Natalie and staff have gone done a great job with our eldest son Bobby-Rae as they got him very well prepared for school and he was not phased by the process. Th staff have also done a fantastic job with our younger son Teddy-Jay from toilet training, getting rid of the dummy and also his speech. Charlotte has been very approachable and helpful during all of these processes. We would also like to thank Natalie and staff for the help and support they gave us when we had our third child, as she came a little earlier than expected and was in hospital for 4 weeks. This was such a stressful time for us all but Natalie was an amazing support at the time and took a weight off our shoulders by providing extra childcare in the place we knew the boys would be safe and more importantly happy, in a surrounding that they knew. Jungle Junction is a happy, clean and home from home environment which our boys have been very happy and content. Excellent nursery, brilliant staff and I look forward to bringing our little girl in the future.
  • Jungle Junction is just a fantastic nursery! As a nursery nurse myself I find myself being overly picky, but the staff do everything they can to ensure everything is done to the best standards. Before my son started at Jungle Junction his speech was delayed, I was concerned about this and raised it with his key person. After two months of my son starting there he started to speak. I know it only seems minimal but I know the girls in his room spent time and encouraged my son with a number of resources which allowed him to gain his speech. I honestly think this nursery and the staff are brilliant and I can't thank them enough for all they do when caring for my son. The communication between myself and the setting is outstanding. Please keep doing what you're doing!
  • My son Nathan was one of the first kids at Jungle Junction when it started and he has loved it since the very first day. I took a risk putting him in as it was a new nursery and we had lots of issues with a previous nursery and childminder. I had no one to tell me what their experience was with this nursery but after coming to view the nursery I fell in love with straight and knew I'd take a chance and enrol him in, this has been a decision I haven't regretted. The staff are so lovely and genuine and they care beyond your child's needs at nursery. Mine has been a special case of needing all they love they had showered on me for the last year and half as I needed a lot of support as I had no family to depend on but Jungle Junction. They made what should have been a very difficult time for me a very easy time. They take such good care of Nathan, and he's gotten so clever for his age. He absolutely loves it there, never wants to leave and even asks to be taken in on a Saturday and Sunday! As a mum who works full time I cant say there has been a day when I have had to worry about Nathan being at nursery. I honestly cant thank the staff of this nursery enough and I cant wait to see what more new things he will learn from them Fatu
  • My 3 year old Eliza and 5 year old Jacob both attended Jungle Junction from the opening of the nursery until August 2017. Both children have complex and severe additional needs (Autism & Visual impairment) and during their time at nursery they both were extremely happy. Considering the difficult circumstances due to their extra needs Jungle Junction were always happy to fully cater to them and support them and us as parents. An example of this is Jacob (5) required a place in a Special Needs school which entailed a very significantly detailed application for an EHCP along with supporting evidence - again which the nursery were more than happy to apply for and complete. This resulted in the EHCP being granted in a very short space of time and Jacob having a school place ready for September in the special school we wanted! The hard work put in from the nursery was second to none and we couldn’t have been happier. The staff are very adaptable and truly give you peace of mind knowing that even with considerable additional needs, the children were safe and enjoyed their mornings there. Eliza (3) is also in the nursery of the same special school as Jacob, again this wouldn’t have happened without the application and input for an EHCP from the nursery and Natalie Jones. We had a fantastic experience with Jungle Junction!